Gorf / JewishCartoon.com Programming

All Programming Presented by Jordan B. Gorfinkel
World-renowned Speaker & Entertainer • 1000+ Events Globally
Veteran Editor, Batman Franchise, DC Comics
Author, Amazon #1 Bestselling Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel
Target Audience: Adjusted Per Client’s Needs (i.e. Families, Adults, Teens, et. al.)
In-Person and Virtual (Zoom) Options Available

General information about Gorf, including links to further information about programming: www.gorfy.com

  • Travel directly applicable to event or event series is approved in advance and billed separately
  • All presentations and activities followed by book signing



3 presentations in one 24-hour period (e.g. over Shabbat) - Two full length presentations (up to 1 hour) + 1 “pulpit speech” style speech (7-15 minutes)

Sunday & Weeknight Presentation

1 full length presentation (up to 1 hour)
In-Person or Virtual (Zoom)

Example Topics

General (All Year Round)

  • The Exodus, The Dark Knight and the Creative Process
    In this riveting exploration of Jewish scholarship and sages — Torah, Talmud and Marvel; Esther, Rabbi Akiva and Stan Lee — Gorf reveals the most inspirational Jewish hero of all: yourself.
  • Moses & Superman: What Superheroes Teach Us About Judaism and What Judaism Teaches Us About Superheroes
    Gorf compares and contrasts the “source texts” for Moses and Superman, resulting in an astonishing conclusion: superheroes exist because of Torah learning.
  • Tales From the Batman Editor: How “Drawing” Upon Judaism Inspires Joy and Success
    Learn the key ingredient to Gorf's miraculous ascent from Batman reader to running the Batman franchise: openly embracing Judaism.
  • TorahVision
    Gorf guides participants to provide "color commentary" on one pasuk from each sefer of Chumash, as seen through the lens of their personal or professional experience (lawyer, doctor, teacher, politician, et. al.).

Purim Season (January - March)

  • Esther: The O.G. Wonder Woman
    Popular movie and TV clips reveal the secret identity of the original female superhero, and now star of her own graphic novel: Queen Esther!
  • Esther: The O.G. Wonder Woman (Presentation for Shabbat and Holidays)
    Leap into astonishing tales from midrash and history that shaped the wonderful graphic novel starring the original female superhero: Queen Esther!

Passover Season (January - April)

  • The Four Children: The Superhero, The Supervillain, The Mentor and the Sidekick
    Discover astounding insights into the Arba Banim parable using "Marvel-ous” clips, popular culture icons, and the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel. This energetic multi-media presentation is available live and Zoom.
  • Everything I Learned About Passover I Learned From Batman
    Go in-depth with Gorf in applying the principals of Batman-style visual storytelling to the 2000-year-old Haggadah, bringing the Pesach story to new life in the popular and inspirational Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel.
  • The Astounding Secret Origin of the Passover Seder
    Gorf unlocks the brilliant, hidden structure of the ancient Haggadah that was the foundation upon which the Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel narrative was built.
  • Passover Seder “Boot Camp”: Activities For Making A Super-Fun Seder!
    Every year, Gorf leads communal sedarim for hundreds of people. Join him in a freewheeling discussion of creative ideas guaranteed to keep everyone of all backgrounds and ages engaged, awake and not asking the fifth question (“When do we eat?”).

Customizable topics available as well; please inquire.


Jewish Cartoon Workshop

Batman Editor Gorf gets participants of all ages and backgrounds creating Jewish-themed cartoons using the same tools and methods as professionals. NO DRAWING SKILL NECESSARY WHATSOEVER. This is for everyone who can tell a story and draw a stick figure…which is all of us!
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