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COLUMBUS -- Jordan B. Gorfinkel visited the Columbus Torah Academy last week to lead comic-strip workshops for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The Cleveland-area artist is the creator of a weekly strip called Everything's Relative, which runs in about a dozen Jewish newspapers...


Munich Jewish Museum

EVERYTHING’S RELATIVE is receiving worldwide attention from the March ’07 opening of the new Munich Jewish Museum, where ten specially comissioned cartoons are in the permanent exhibition. There is a global PR campaign, and the museum shop will sell copies of the forthcoming Everything’s Relative book collection, in English and German.

EVERYTHING’S RELATIVE is honored to not only reflect Jewish history, but also make it.

To request an interview with Mr. Gorfinkel, receive additional information about Everything’s Relative premiering at the MJM or learn more about the opening of the MJM, please contact Shira Dicker at 212.663.4643 or 917.403.3989 or at


Whether you need content for a website, newspaper, bulletin, holiday card, or back of the matzoh box, Everything's Relative is the perfect way to share a laugh and spark conversation about our common heritage. To syndicate or publish Everything's Relative, contact

Bernie reading the newspaper

Shepping Nachas...

“Loaded with talent”
-- Garry Trudeau, Syndicated Cartoonist

“I was quite impressed”
-- Charles Schulz (rest his soul), Cartoonist

“Informative and funny”
-- Lynn Johnston, Syndicated Cartoonist
For Better or For Worse

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“A wonderful idea”
-- Dreamworks SKG

“He's not a doctor, but we're still proud of him... mostly”
-- Mother of the Cartoonist